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Why the change from a national pageant to international? 

The Founder and Advisory Board always knew that an International Pageant is something they wanted, but timing was everything. They felt that with multi pageants geared towards black women around the world , it was time to collaborate and empower black women globally to be agents of change. The Founder, Mrs. Harrison also felt issues on race, colorism, economic disparities, access to health care, education and other issues plaguing black women aren't just  Black American issues, but something that impacts black women around the world. MBIA will be the catalyst for creating change globally when it comes to black women. We will gather women from around the world, have focus groups, life changing conversations and work together to heal the divide caused by slavery, while traveling the world changing lives.  We are truly more than a pageant! 



How many contestants compete at the International Pageant?

The number of contestants varies. Contestants are selected on a rolling basis. Multi Teen, Miss, Ms., & Mrs. queens can be selected in one state in the US and only one country title holder outside of the US. The final number of participants will be determined when the registration deadline has passed.

What is a semi finalist at-large contestant?

A semi finalist contestant is a contestant is selected through an extensive interview process, this contestant doesn't have a state, regional or country director.   Each contestant will take part in a  training and leadership development curriculum powered by Ambassadors of Change Inc.

Are there costs associated with competing at the National Pageant?

Yes, each contestant is responsible for paying  registration and  sponsorship fees. The sponsorship fee covers the contestant's participation in the pageant, most meals during pageant week, as well as the contestant's official sash and crown, online training and conferences,  a ticket to the Ambassador of Change Awards Dinner, and all pageant-related activities.

Does the pageant cover my transportation to Nationals?

No, each contestant is responsible for their transportation to and from the Pageant. You are also responsible for obtaining a visa and passport to travel internationally and in to the host country.

Is there a talent portion of the competition?

No, there is no performing talent required. There are SIX  scored categories of competition, including  Costume/Modeling, Interview, Social Impact, Evening gown, Fitness, and On-stage question.

If I win, will it interfere with school OR work?

The Miss Black International pageant is a scholarship and grant pageant- your education is the number one priority! If you win, most of your appearances and volunteer work will take place during the weekend and will be scheduled in advance. If you are asked to travel oversees for an event, we will do our best to give you advanced notice. Please know this is a job, so if your schedule is too busy, don't apply. 

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