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Foundational 50 Initiative - Amplifying Black Women Globally 

Black pageants are incubators for Black women leaders, movers, and shakers, because they give participants the freedom to explore all aspects of themselves without the pressures of societal norms. There’s so much liberty in not having to deal with racial judgements and stereotypes like tokenism and colorism that black women battle in mainstream pageantry. Just like the highly engaged pageantry blog “BlackGirlsReign” highlighted: “The beauty of MBIA is that every single year black girls and women are crowned”. That’s major.



We are rallying the patronization of 50 individuals, businesses, and organizations to commit a $2,000.00
tax-deductible gift to Ambassadors of Change, Inc so that we meet our $100,000 goal. Our mission is to give young ethnic minority women a once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as an ambassador of change and to encourage, empower and enlighten, communities, states and nations. Our purpose is to be a rising voice in the community and to make a difference, by providing educational forums and events that focus on health disparities, poverty, violence and major issues plaguing communities in our nation and around the world.


We are dividing the rest of 2022 into four months of designated fundraising for each pillar that Ambassadors of Change powers. From August 16th to September 16th 2022, we will be focusing on the women empowerment pillar program: The Miss Black International Ambassador Pageant. MBIA is a platform for today’s savvy, smart and aware, young women of color to express their viewpoints, extraordinary talents and accomplishments to the international public, while offering scholarship opportunities to further their education and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Read below for an overview of Ambassadors of Change.

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