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State, Regional & Country Directors are professional members of the MBIA community who are dedicated to encouraging, empowering and enlightening young women. They are an extension of the national executive team that represent the organization in excellence. There is a Directorship Fee that includes Directors Licensing, Director's Handbook, MBIA Website, Marketing Tools and more! For more information and if interested, please email Bria.Virgil@thembiapageant.com .


• Important to the outcome of the state/country pageants and fundraising events. 

• Fully responsible for every part of the state or country pageant from the day she/he was chosen to the day of release by the MBIA Board of Directors. 

  • This includes funding scholarships awarded through the State/Country Pageant

• Instructs the state or country pageant committee. 

• Encourages the contestants. 

• Responsible to assist the state or country winners in preparing for the International Pageant 

• Sets the two-year budget (with assistance from MBIA Director of Recruitment and VP of Operations). (This is including the year of the state or country pageant and the year of the International pageant). 

• Sets the pageant date with the MBIA Board of Directors. The pageant must be held at least 6 months prior to the International Pageant unless otherwise arranged with a MBIA Director of Recruitment

• Appoints the pageant personnel. ​

• Orders/purchases flowers to be presented to winners and winner’s court 


MBIA  Directors report to:  Assistant Director


ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (6 positions remaining)

Contestant Liaisons are assigned a region of multiple states / countries. This may or may not include the state / country they currently reside in. Providing support to the contestants in their region, Contestant Liaisons are responsible for corresponding questions, concerns, ideas, etc. from the contestant, to Executive Staff. Liaisons are expected to communicate weekly with their Contestants and provide an outlet for all contestants in their region to communicate (I.E. GroupMe, Text, Conference Calls, etc.). Contestant Liaisons are first consideration for Chaperones during Pageant Week. Reports to COO. 

Liaisons may conduct applicant interviews during recruitment season. 

Must be 21+ years old to apply. Does not need to be a former contestant, but experience managing group of individuals preferred. 


ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (4 positions remaining)

Recruiters assist with finding ideal contestants to apply for the MBIA Scholarship Pageant. Utilizing social media, networking events, and personal connections, Recruiters are responsible for contacting potential applicants who qualify for the Organization's Requirements. Must utilize personal social media or create a separate social media account (preferably Instagram) to market organization. Reposts posts made from the main pageant social media account. Reports to VP of Recruiment.

Will submit weekly Recruiting Reports, join mandatory training calls, and interview applicants. 

Must be 21+ years old to apply. Recruiting experience preferred and must be active on social media. 


ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS (1 position remaining)

Alumni Team Members work closely to help engage former contestants with staying up to date on MBIA news & updates. Determines strategies to rebuild alumni relations, unique ways to highlight them through social media, and create an Alumni Newsletter. The Alumni Team will also generate ideas on how to host Alumni Events during Pageant Week 2021. 


Must be 18+ years old to apply. Reports to Alumni Coordinator. 


**Will determine an Alumni Coordinator based on applications.  



(1 positions)

The Social Media Intern works with our Social Media Team on keeping a impressionable appearance on Social Media. The Intern helps determine marketing strategies to engage followers, highlights prominent events with our International Queens, and maintains a strict level of confidentiality, all while understanding the branding of the system. Keep in mind if you are interested in competing in the MBIA system, you would not be able to follow an internship.

Must be 21+ years old to apply. Being active and knowledgeable on social media required. 



(2 positions)

The Operations Assistants work closely and directly with the COO. Your managerial, organizational, and problem solving skills are keen to this role. You must have a heart for excellence, a go-getter attitude, and possess great communication skills as you may interact with contestants. You will assist with on-boarding, budgeting, pageant week logistics, and so much more.

Must be 21+ years old to apply. Human resources / managerial experience preferred. 



(6 positions)

Join us pageant week to share your love for supporting the only international pageant for black women. Hotel accommodations and food will be taken care of in lieu of your support! Join us!